Our Values

The heart of Synergize Hub

Being a Member of Synergize Means

Signing on to and living the values of the Synergize Developing positive relationships with Synergize members and HHS staff

Being an advocate for businesses within Synergize and supporting each other’s professional development and business growth

Attending Synergize meetings and supporting Synergize branded activities such as business forums

Becoming a ‘general member’ of our incorporated association which is the governance body of the member owned and operated hub.

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Our Values

Synergize is a collaboration of businesses passionate about creating a bright future for our clients and the wider community.· We see unlimited possibilities in ourselves and others and advocate for all to shine.



We build connections with each other to maximize opportunities and create
lasting transformation within our relative spheres of influence and the
communities we serve.


We encourage each other to be our best, to keep going and to push though
our boundaries. We are advocates for each other’s success, we accept no
limits and we are passionate about spurring and maintaining dialogue,
debate and action.


We value continuous learning and growth in order to deliver the best of
global practice within our local communities, we educate by sharing our
learning and curiosity among fellow members and clients.


We are passionate about continuous improvement through collaboration.

We share existing networks with fellow members and their networks which
creates an infinite network.




We are committed to engage with each other and our communities throughout
the design process of new products, services and concepts.

Love results

We celebrate success, achievements and growth and we acknowledge the
contribution of each other in those.


We believe business can be fun. We will laugh with each other and at

Hub work ethics

Synergize Hub members are committed to mindful behaviour in all of our
dealings with fellow members and the world in which we live. Our
mindfulness policy covers our behaviour as members in any forum, mailing
list, wiki, website, Skype, public meeting or private correspondence.

We also apply the principles listed below in our relationship with our
supporting ecosystems as well as person to person relationships and
endeavour to create a rejuvenative ecological footprint.

These principles are manifested through the following behaviours.



A community where people feel comfortable is a productive and sustainable
one. Synergize Hub expects members to be respectful when dealing with
fellow members, members of each other’s networks, our co-tenants and people
outside HUB.


Synergize is about collaboration. We encourage individuals and teams to
work together both inside and outside Synergize. Collaboration multiplies
our capacity to take on bigger and bolder challenges, ensures opportunities
are maximised, reduces redundancy, shares capital and improves the quality
of our work.

Wherever possible, we:

  • Monitor initiatives and developments within our networks and liaise with
    others in our respective communities
  • Inform fellow Synergize members as early as possible of collaboration
    possibilities and opportunities
  • Involve interested parties as early as possible
  • Share information
  • Work transparently
  • Notify collaborators of project changes early on
  • Document our work
  • Inform others of our progress and observations regularly


Check in with all members. Social and technical misunderstandings and
disagreements happen all the time, and Synergize is no exception. At
Synergize we resolve disagreements constructively with the help of all
members. We have created a regular dedicated resolution time at the end of
meetings to ensure all matters are discussed.

Open to questioning

Nobody is expected to be perfect. Asking questions avoids problems down the
road. If you are asked a question, be responsive and helpful. When asking
questions, take care to do so in an appropriate space.


Make an effort to minimize disruption when leaving a collaboration or
changing roles within a project. Inform collaborators as early as possible
that you are leaving, and take steps to ensure others can pick up where you
left off.


This means keeping information shared or overheard to yourself. As we will
be working closely with one another it is possible that you will be
directly told or overhear sensitive information.

As a recipient of information, you have a responsibility to make sure the
confidentiality, privacy and anonymity of others is respected.

As a provider of information, you must declare confidential information as
“confidential” to ensure that the sensitive nature of information is
understood and acknowledged by the group.

We agree to the following:

  • not to tell anyone outside Synergize the facts of events shared with
    members in confidence; and
  • not to try and get more information about events shared by others.
  • not to share information about the clients of others unless this has been
    directly permitted, requested or otherwise enabled by the collaborator.
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