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Shaun Quayle is a qualified Forester (B.For.Sc, University of Melbourne) and has over 25 years experience in forestry, agriculture, landcare, farm forestry, community planning, sport and recreation and environmental management. Past employers include communityvibe Pty Ltd, Department of Primary Industries, Enviro Control Australia, The Natural Resources Conservation League and the Mid-Loddon Sub-Catchment Management Group. Shaun has worked extensively overseas including for the Directorate of Forestry in Namibia, Nobero AB in Sweden and the California Conservation Corps in USA.

In recent times Shaun has focused on renewable energy and waste management and attended the World Bioenergy conference in Jönköping, Sweden in June 2014.

Dragon NRG Pty Ltd.

Humans require heat for many purposes and the majority of that heat is currently generated from fossil fuels such as gas, electricity (from coal-fired power plants), oil or coal briquettes. Heat from these sources is expensive and also contributes to the escalating level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causing global warming.

Modern societies face significant challenges in dealing with waste, including organic waste (biomass). Very often waste biomass produced by industry, agriculture or households is burned, left to rot or disposed of at landfill facilities. Such treatments involve considerable expense, inconvenience and release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases including the highly potent methane.

Dragon NRG aims to facilitate the replacement of heating systems that currently use fossil fuels with highly efficient biomass heaters/boilers that can utilise waste biomass thereby reducing costs, displacing the burning of fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Four objectives underpin the vision of Dragon NRG:

  1. Displace the use of fossil fuels by installing specialised boilers designed to burn biomass for heat production.
  2. Reduce energy costs for businesses and individuals currently paying high prices for heat derived from fossil fuels.
  3. Source waste biomass for fuel thereby relieving pressure on landfill facilities and reducing the potential for release of  greenhouse gases associated with natural decomposition or combustion for disposal purposes.
  4. Maximise community benefit through creation of jobs, investment opportunities and direct links with community facilities such as hospitals or public buildings.

A range of systems are available from 15kW (household) to 5MW (large industrial applications).

To chat about these exciting opportunities call Shaun on 0438 587791 or email him at [email protected]

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