Karen Corr – Make a Change Australia

Make a Change Australia

Make a Change Australia is a social enterprise that works with local people to create effective social and environmental change. Make a Change is based on the philosophy that when people are inspired, skilled and supported to make a change in the World, flourishing communities can and will be created.

Make a Change provides workshops, programs, project services, networking opportunities and resources for anyone that wants to make a difference in their community. The workshops and programs offered focus on project management, building and working in teams, engaging large groups of people and dealing with the busy and sometimes stressful times often experienced when working on a community project.

Make a Change has a large focus on young people through the programs and internships offered as well as reinvesting a proportion of income in capacity development programs and scholarships specifically for young people.

Karen Corr

Karen Corr, founder of Make a Change Australia is passionate about kids, community and nature. Karen has over 10 years experience in environmental engineering and corporate consulting. She left her career to start a life in community sustainability and became co-founder and the Inaugural President of the Bendigo Sustainability Group, instigator of the Goldfields SolarHub, RePower Bendigo and WiserAustralia initiatives and has been involved in numerous other community initiatives. It is through her involvement in these initiatives that she became aware of the need for training and support for changemakers. The idea for Make a Change had been born!