Craig Barker – The Media Suitcase

Video Production

Craig Barker is the creator of an online video business called ‘The Media Suitcase’.

Most of his work over the past 5 years has been in developing a collection of over 1500 royalty free videos in a portfolio which he sells as an exclusive contributor around the world through the website

After teaching for 7 years as classroom teacher in a local Primary School in Bendigo, Craig developed a passion for combining the use of technology with education to enhance his student’s learning. From there, he moved into motion graphic design where he has worked on various video and still-image based projects.

Craig has developed the following skillsets:
– Creating 1080p High Definition Looping Backgrounds and filming stock footage.
– 2D & 3D animation and modelling using the software After Effects and Cinema 4D.
– Digital hand drawn animations and sketches.
– Creating advertising material and website banners.
– Maths educational content (incl Videos and Interactive Whiteboard activities)
– Short film/promotional projects.

Craig also has an interest in website design. He is currently collaborating with a web developer in Germany where together, they are creating a unique ‘online design’ website.
Click the link below to view his online stock portfolio.

Ultimate Frisbee

In October 2013, Craig started up a social sports group in Bendigo called Friday Night Frisbee. Due to an interest in playing the game of Ultimate Frisbee but not having much on offer in Bendigo, he created a facebook page called ‘Bendigo Ultimate Frisbee’ and in just over 4months, over 125 different people had come along to play.
During the summer season, the group met at Strathdale Park from 6:45pm each Friday where people from ages ranging from 12 to 60 came along! During the winter, the group are hoping to meet regularly up at Flora Hill Stadium from 7:30pm Fridays to continue playing Indoor Ultimate Frisbee.
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