Haven; Home, Safe

The partnership that made it happen

About Haven; Home, Safe

We have been housing and helping the homeless, displaced and disadvantaged for nearly 40 years.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, but we like to say For Purpose, employing more than 150 staff across five offices from the northern suburbs of Melbourne to the banks of the Murray River in Mildura. We are limited by guarantee and hold public benevolent institution status.

Since becoming Victoria’s first registered Affordable Housing Association in 2005, the organisation has grown to 1600+ homes under management, a balance sheet of assets worth $300 million, and an annual turnover of $30 million.

The Colaboration

How do Haven and Synergize Hub work together?

Haven; Home, Safe generously supports Synergize Coworking Hub by providing high quality affordable office facilities.  We share their kitchen (and cup cakes), training facilities and have our own dedicated meeting room.  Their central position is perfect for networking opportunities within the Bendigo CBD.

HHS and Synergize Coworking Hub  are active in the social enterprise arena and there are multiple benefits and mutual learnings from sharing space.

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