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Shaun Langdon

Posted on Aug 18, 2017 by in Profiles |

Shaun is a passionate business growth consultant and Coach. As the owner of True Living Coaching and Consulting Services Shaun believes the key to your life’s personal and professional success first starts within.
Shaun, over the last two decades has held senior management positions within the luxury hotel sector across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, India and the United Arab Emirates.
He draws on a wealth of diverse personal, professional and cultural experiences and is a certified Coach, NLP Practitioner and Personal Trainer.  He is focused on supporting people and organizations creating lasting transformative changes.
Hear what his partners have to say:
“Shaun has helped me to get clear on what is most important to me in both my personal and business life and importantly provided me with easy to implement tools and real-life coaching to “Make things Happen”!
Dr. Simon FloreaniChiropractor and Owner – Vitality Health
“Shaun has the capacity to listen and ask me pertinent questions that helps bring amazing vision and clarity to uncover solutions quickly.  He’s incredibly empathic and confidently poised to hold me accountable. I can’t recommend him highly enough,
Dr. Jennifer BarhamAuthor, Speaker and Owner – Well Adjusted
He holds the following certifications:
⦁ Certified Life Coach⦁ Certified NLP Practitioner⦁ Certified Level 4, Personal Trainer⦁ Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management
He is currently studying a Post Graduate Certificate in Organisational Coaching from Swinburne University.
Shaun can be contacted on: Mobile: +61 413 922 625Email: