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Clare Fountain

Posted on Nov 14, 2013 by in Profiles |

Clare Fountain

Clare is a born organiser! (She started cataloguing her clothes, shoes and books as a child!) Over time, in relentless pursuit of her natural desire for order, she has expanded her knowledge and developed strategies and tools that can be tailored and effectively implemented in any business, across all industries and also, very importantly, at the individual and family level. Clare spent nearly two decades managing successful projects and businesses in a diverse range of industries across the globe before starting Sorted4Life in 2000.


Our consulting, coaching and training gets businesses and people organised. We love watching the results: people with more time to spend with their families, more money to develop their business, and a clear ‘headspace’ to enjoy it all!

Sorted4Life provides Training, Consulting and Coaching in the following areas

  • Personal Productivity
  • Small Business Management
  • Business Administration Systems
  • Project Management & Facilitation


A tool box of skills that improve productivity. Topics include: Time Management, Delegation, Find Your Desk Under the Mess, Making Meetings Magnificent, Goal setting etc.

Small Business Management: How to run a business and have a life.

Business Administration Systems: After understanding a business and how it operates we work with teams to create customised systems that are documented to reflect the tone and style of the business. Working closely with the team we ensure they take ownership of systems and the decisions made. The process is an outcome in itself as it shows that a business has a commitment to involving the team in its growth.

Project Management & Facilitation: Getting things done. Facilitating conversations to achieve outcomes.